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Our patients will tell you, they wish someone would have told them about regenerative medical treatment before they had surgery

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Dr Carle is very active in the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). He is also very active in the Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi), He is currently on the Board of the Baltimore County Medical Society. Dr Carle believes in treating the root causes of your pain and not just the symptoms, review his pathway to health plan below

Let us introduce ourselves

Regenerative Medicine Towson

We believe in alternative treatments to help our patients heal. Our procedures uses your body’s own healing potential to help itself rejuvenate and heal. Dr Carle is highly trained in using regenerative medicine to treat chronic pain naturally, without addictive medications.

How we can help you…

Regain Your Mobility

Advancements in science and medicine have resulted in new technologies and treatments. We have adopted those new procedures into our practice to treat a wide variety of conditions, arthritis, neuropathy, tendon tears, c.o.p.d and other pain issues.

Dr Carle believes in treating the root causes of your pain and not just the symptoms

Dr. Carle’s
Pathway To Anti-Aging & Restoring Health!

My 5 component plan addresses the causes of each symptom to reverse the disease process.


Turning on and supporting the body’s repair mechanisms

Messaging and Initiating the Repair Process

Our bodies have means to heal themselves. Our DNA and RNA have the blueprints for all cells and organs. When damage to a cell or an organ occurs, the body is directed by its DNA and RNA to use amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to either repair or replace the damaged cells.

As we age this innate healing ability slows down. Disease manifests when more cells are being damaged than our body can repair or replace.

Regenerative Medicine (also called Functional Medicine) is the branch of medicine which helps tip the balance back to healthy cells, reducing and eliminating symptoms of disease. Techniques such as using platelet rich plasma (PRP), mesenchymal stem cells, amniotic fluid, prolotherapy, oxygen and exercise can initiate the regenerative process to repair, regenerate, and replace damaged tissue to restore normal function.

Anti-Aging / Cell Energy

To be able to carry out the repairs and use the proteins, cytokines, vitamins, and minerals to help the body heal.

If a cell does not have enough energy (in the form of ATP) it cannot repair, regenerate, or replace damaged tissues. There are 4 ways to increase energy in our cells:

  1. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) mimic earth’s own magnetic pulse. Our cells have adapted over thousands of years to use this magnetic energy and have “biomagnetite” structures in the cell and on the cell membrane which converts the electromagnetic energy into cellular energy (ATP). The earth has a magnetic pulse of 7.8 pulses per second called the “Schumann resonance” after the scientist who discovered its existence. These incredibly brief high voltage pulses can be created by PEMF machines and used to deliver energy to all cells, which converts the magnetic energy into ATP. Pulsing also helps cells to discharge waste and absorb nutrients.
  2. Laser Energy “cold lasers”. Certain wavelengths of light (808 nm and 905 nm) pass right through our skin and are absorbed by the mitochondria of each cell. In the mitochondria, this “light energy” is converted to ATP.
  3. Breathing oxygen. Cells with oxygen can make 38 ATP molecules per glucose molecule whereas cells without oxygen make just 2 ATP molecules with the same amount of glucose.  Hyperbaric chambers also enhance oxygen delivery.
  4. Ozone treatment (ozone water, injections, adding ozone to blood and re-infusing). Ozone is 3 oxygen molecules connected together.  Once inside the body, the ozone is converted to oxygen with energy given off which is used by cells to maintain and improve the proton pump (sodium is pumped out of the cell and potassium into the cell). The oxygen is also used by cells to make ATP.  The ozone molecule itself is toxic to bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells.

Energy must be provided to your cells so the repairs can occur.


Building blocks of cells need to be provided (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, etc.)

Take vitamins and minerals to help your body heal and optimize your diet

I recommend “Pulse Fuel” which is made by Pulse Centers – the same company which makes the PEMF machines used in our office. The dosage is 1 (one) ounce daily. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle which translates into 32 days of vitamins and minerals. I recommend purchasing 3 or more bottles, which will reduce the cost..

Pulse Fuel has all you need in terms of vitamins and minerals, so you do not have to take anything else (you can stop your daily vitamin and other supplements – saving you money).

If you have intestinal absorption problems (ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.) the vitamins and minerals can be given intravenously. This will bypass your gut and guarantee absorption and delivery into your blood stream. Intravenous vitamins and minerals take about 20 minutes to drip into your vein. I recommend the 8 treatments option.

Drink plenty of water

Your goal is to drink 6 (six) 16 oz bottles (or glasses) of water each day. That equals 96 ounces of water (about 3 liters).

Water is the means of delivering nutrients to each cell and helping to eliminate waste.

    Males over 50, your body is 60% water
    Females over 50, your body is 55% water

As you heal your body will be eliminating a lot of waste products, and being “hydrated” is an important part of getting rid of these waste products (lactic acid, broken proteins, damaged amino acids, etc.)


Hydration is important to effectively deliver nutrients to cells and help eliminate waste products from cells.


Diet and CBD supplements are extremely important (eating the “wrong” things can exacerbate your pain and CBD can restore homeostasis – essential to wellness).

Change your diet: What you eat makes a difference!

Chronic inflammation is present whenever pain is present. Pain triggers an “inflammatory response” that is essential to healing.

However, chronic pain keeps triggering inflammation which then causes more pain, more inflammation, which can then lead to an “autoimmune” disease.

What you eat can make a big difference in perpetuating this abnormal inflammatory response.

  • Carbohydrates (including sugar) are inflammatory and should be minimized.
  • Protein (plant and animal protein) and vegetables are anti-inflammatory and these are what we should be eating.
  • I recommend everyone who has chronic pain educate themselves on proper diet using one or more of the following: (1) Dr. Daniel Pompa has developed The Cellular Healing Diet which you can download for FREE click here Cellular Healing Diet; (2) No Grain, No Pain by Dr. Peter Osborne (Amazon $16.99); (3) Grain Brain by David Perlmutter (Amazon $18.30); (4) Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Abel Evans (Amazon $24.99); (5) Read Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet ( and wellness tips.
  • CDB oils, salves, and sprays and other “nutritional” supplements can help reduce chronic inflammation and restore a balanced life. I can help you choose the proper supplements that will help heal your body and mind.

Stem Cells & Exsomes

Why should you consider Regenerative Medicine Towson for Stem Cell Therapy?
Dr Carle is a board-certified pain medicine specialist, who has been properly trained in stem cell therapy procedures.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy
A stem cell therapy procedure has the ability to repair and regenerate human cells and tissue. These procedures can offer relief for chronic pain, difficult injuries and certain chronic conditions.

Stem Cells & Exsomes

  • Repairs, Regenerates, and Replaces damaged tissue to restore normal function.
  • Repairs and enhances arterial and venous circulation
  • Repairs damaged nerve tissue to improve balance, cognition, and heal neuropathy
  • Immune modulation (stops the body attacking itself)

Watch our interview segment, to hear how Stem Cell Therapy, helped one of our patients overcome COPD and Neuropathy Pain. Click below

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy heals and detoxifies the cells in your body at the same time. It used to treat a variety of aliments such as chronic pain, fatigue, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, auto-immune diseases, and Crohn’s disease.

Ozone is 3 molecules of oxygen bound together. In the body, ozone is transformed to oxygen and cellular energy. This provides an oxygen rich environment for cellular rejuvenation.

Why Ozone Therapy

  • Ozone strengthens your immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells, interferon, and Interluekin-2.
  • Ozone inhibits cancer growth and development by stimulating Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF).
  • Ozone directly kills bacteria, viruses, fungi. Unlike anti-biotics, resistance dose not develop to ozone’s effect on these microbes.
  • Ozone oxidizes arterial plaque in patients with arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis (reverses hardening of the arteries).

Ozone Therapy Benefits

  • Increases the flexibility of red blood cells – resulting in higher oxygen utilization by our mitochondria. This increases exercise endurance (and example of this effect is: no more shortness of breath climbing stairs).
  • Anti-inflammatory by increasing hemoxygenase-1 and increasing antioxidant enzymes. Chronic inflammation is a major cause of pain and lethargy as we age and ozone, by direct effects of increasing oxygen utilization and through hemoxygenase-1, results in people having more energy and less pain.
  • Stimulates detoxifying the body of heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and wastes generated by our bodies normal functioning.

You cannot control how old you are, but Ozone will keep you young on the inside.

PRP Regenerative Therapy

PRP is an advance therapy treatment that can be use to heal and repair tissues in the joints, muscles and ligaments. It’s 100% natural and it’s derived from your own blood. It’s an alternative to surgery and addictive medications. Suffering with chronic pain? Contact us for a consultation.

PRP Benefits

  • Heals without the need of invasive surgery
  • Accelerated wound healing
  • Uses your blood platelets to regenerate damaged tendons and ligament

Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF is 30-60 minute non-invasive therapy treatment that uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to heal damaged tissues and bone, to relieve injury-related pain, and even stimulate organs, without negative effects.

PEMF Benefits

  • Reactivates the body’s ability to heal itself.
  • Balances the body’s entire electromagnetic system
  • Makes cells work in harmony (Healthy cells = Healthy Body)
  • Basic and natural therapy, increases oxygen to tissues and cellular nutrients are enhanced
  • Enables cells to work in harmony and produce a healing response in tissues


Myer’s Cocktail

  • Provides crucial vitamins and minerals which are required for optimal healing.
  • Enhances the effect of Stem Cells, Ozone, Lasers and PEMF Therapies.
  • Bypasses the intestines, guaranteeing optimal absorption



  • Provides healing, and combats anti-inflammatory issues
  • Enhances the immune system



  • Provides crucial vitamins and minerals which are required for optimal healing.
  • Removes toxins in the body

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

Super Pulsed Laser

  • Energy sources directed at the mitochondria of each cell,  These energy factories convert the laser energy into ATP the form of energy all cells use.
  • Providing energy on a cellular level to help the building blocks maximize their regenerative potential
  • Calms the sympathetic nervous system
$457 Million

Stem Cell Research – NIH

90,000 athletes

are treated with PRP annually

1 Board Certified Doctor

working for you

35+ Years

of experience

No better place to get you healthy again

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Our Patients

Regenerative Therapy Testimonials

I was skeptical about the therapy, but after 10 treatments. I’m now playing Pickelball! And the pain has gone down. PEMF Therapy worked for me!

Diane B.Foot Pain, PEMF Therapy Patient YouTube

The Orthopedic physician said surgery would not help and I would be in pain for the rest of my life. After 3 months of Stem Cell Therapy, I’m Pain FREE!

Rob G.Shoulder Tear, Stem Cell TherapyYouTube

My physician said there was NO treatment for me, Stem Cell therapy treatment gave me Positive Results!

Yvonne B.Rheumatoid Arthritis & COPD - Stem TherapyYouTube

I thought I had tried everything for my Lower Back pain, until I had a Stem Cell therapy injection. If you are considering this procedure, DO IT!

Craig L. Lower Back Stem Cell TherapyYouTube

After several treatments my Pain was GONE I thought I would always have this pain, I can walk around for several hours without stopping now.

T. LidardKnee Replacement TherapyYouTube

I received treatment on a Saturday and within a couple of days I was Sleeping All Night If you are in Chronic Pain, I recommend this treatment!

R.BrownBack, Knee & Shoulder PatientYouTube

I’ve tried everything else but this treatment is the one that I’m Glad I had!  I walk better and I have a much better attitude.

J. StackHip & Lower Back patientYouTube

This therapy has been Super Amazing I Can Breath, I Don’t Need Oxygen. I’m so thankful for this treatment

S. DayNeuropathy & COPD patientYouTube

I had 3 Surgeries before I came to this center. After the treatment I don’t think about my pain, and I’ve reduced my medication, A BiG accomplishment!

J. WillardSciatica, Lower Back PainYouTube


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